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Private Pilot Checkride

August 30, 2014 Total Hours: 56.7 This week I passed my private pilot checkride! Yes, that’s right, I am now officially a pilot. It took just over two months, which I’m told is fast, and just over 55 hours of flight time, which I know is right on the average. Regardless of these facts it … Continue reading

Cross-Country Solo [VIDEO]

August 24, 2014 Total Hours: 53.5 The big news this week was my cross-country solo flight. I talked a little bit about the preparation for this flight in last week’s blog and now I’ll fill in the details. In comparison to my initial solo flights hovering and flying the pattern the solo cross-country had a … Continue reading

Rest Week

August 17, 2014 Total Hours: 44.4 I know what you’re thinking, more rest already? Well I had a good excuse this time, even better than a hurricane. My girlfriend came to visit! In the end last week’s hurricane wasn’t much to write about, we didn’t even get a drop of rain here on the west side. … Continue reading

Hurricane Week

August 10th, 2014 Total Hours: 41.1 This has been an odd week. I only flew three days because of the threat of Hurricane Iselle. Thursday morning the school decided to take the blades off the helicopters in case the storm ended up being a whopper. Many people doubted the storm would have much impact on … Continue reading

First Solo Flights [VIDEO]

August 3rd, 2014 Total Hours: 36.9 This week has been every bit as rewarding as the last was challenging. All of the information and technique that I was trying so hard to absorb has finally started to sink in. As I have written about previously I can have unrealistic personal expectations. Once I have been … Continue reading

Ups and Downs

July 27th, 2014 Total Hours: 26.2 Another intense week wrapped up. It started easily enough because I took Sunday and Monday off to give the brain a little chance to catch up. That’s one thing I’m learning quickly; no matter how much I might want to keep grinding away at maneuvers the mind and body … Continue reading


July 20th, 2014 Total Hours: 19.5 My second week of flying has been a busy one. As I mentioned in the last post we bumped up the flight schedule to twice a day because we are so far ahead with the ground portion of training. It has been a real challenge processing new maneuvers and … Continue reading

Leaps and Bounds

July 13th, 2014 Total Hours: 7.5 Last week I had my first flight and I’ve been building steadily since then. My instructor had prepared me for the steep learning curve I’d experience in the beginning, but I am still amazed at just how quickly I’ve made progress. Last Monday I couldn’t hold the helicopter in … Continue reading

Week One

July 6th, 2014 I’ve just finished my first week of training at Mauna Loa Helicopters here in Kona, Hawaii. I was really nervous coming over from the mainland, wondering if I was making the right choice and of course wondering how easily I would be able to settle in to this new place and new … Continue reading

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